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Welcome to 2-4-Energy

The company 2-4-Energy UG realized the project
"Hydraulic-Pneumatic Energy Storage with Compressed Air".

2-4-Energy UG is an innovative company from Bavaria, which has set itself the goal of proving that an environmentally friendly energy storage device with compressed air can be realized in a scalable size and cost ratio. The newly developed process for energy storage with gases (here compressed air) has been applied for patent and is available for demo purposes. 
Our compressed air storage is a contribution to the energy turnaround (i.e. Energiewende ger.), in order to store exeeding capacities of electrical energy from sun, wind or other power sources in an environmentally friendly way and to feed it back into the grid or household when required.

The possibility of storing energy for unlimited time and scalable amounts without significant losses was developed by us and the function verification was provided by a pilot system.

We are looking for  companies and partners who are interested, able and willing to lead this pilot to market readiness and series production together with us. Interested citizens, consultants, institutes, craft and industrial companies can support us with ideas and tips that lead to the prompt launch of the product.

An expert opinion by the expert for hydraulics / pneumatic Prof. Dr. Ing.Gunter Riedel is available for inspection:  summary of expert opinion    (abstract).

The long form of this statement can be requested at the mail contact address.

The Technical University of Regensburg has written a  report on it